Visit Saint Simons Beach – How to rejuvenate

I just returned from the beach.? It was an amazing five days with family.? These couple of days were my chance to get let go of my busy schedule and relax.?? I had promised myself to read twenty-five books on this get-a-way… I hope you’re laughing… but I did get one in the first day and almost finished another by the end of the trip.

The weather was all over the place this visit but the first day was a balmy 80 degrees and the water was just the right temperature.? So I decided to treat myself and rented chairs and an umbrella.

St. Simons Beach House

Yes we rent these beach umbrellas!

The second day forecast thunderstorms, so I took my own chair reading and occasionally looked up to watch the clouds and surf.? The tide, this trip was low around noon and so the surf wasn’t really very exciting but we have an amazing sand bar that is revealed as the tide goes out.? People swim, kayak, and if the tide is low enough, and you walk to the right, you can walk out on the sand bar.? If you walk to the left down past the Coast Guard station there are tide pools and a deep channel that has been cut further down towards Gould Inlet (which is the body of water between Saint Simon’s and Sea Island).

It really looks other-worldly.? The kids love to bike or walk down with nets and investigate or just splash in the tide pools and it’s a must see.? However this trip for me only included a brisk walk to keep my body from turning to stone.

Special note about the tides:? When you visit Saint Simons beach it can seem so calm that it is easy to forget that it is the ocean and the water is in a current.? The sandbars are amazing and it is so cool to be able to walk on land that you couldn’t see just a few minutes before.? But as quickly as it appears, the tide also turns.? Check tide schedules or check with the guy renting the chairs.? Ask before you swim out there and I advise taking a boogie board or float.

Later on the afternoon of the second day the rain came…man it poured, and poured and…

On the third day… it poured.? So we donned the rain slickers and went to the Pier.? We choose Palmer’s for lunch (a breakfast and lunch place…well sometimes dinner) and did a little looking around’? The relentless rain was soon convinced us, “there’s no place like home”? so back to a movie and popcorn 🙂

Thursday morning the sky was clear and the island thoroughly washed from Mother Nature’s rinse cycle.? Back to the beach… ah, what a burden.? I packed up my books and only came back for quick breaks and to fix my lunch.? The house is so close, it’s just no big deal.
I not only love the beach and love to read, I love to people watch.? There was a group of four families who had 10 boys between them, not one girl, and they were having the best time.. it was so cute and wonderful to watch.? I can’t think of a single game or sport those boys didn’t have their hands in.? What a joy!

My Saint Simons beach visit was down to one last day.? Guess what I did?

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