The Benefits of Discomfort? Not here

Adventure Journal is just great, and you definitely can experience many different forms of adventure visiting with us at Saint Simonsst simons ecotour Island, but the benefits of discomfort? ?Not here – our beach condo is built for your comfort and convenience! ?This photo shows one of the ways you can experience adventure on the Georgia Coast – getting on a shrimp boat and directly experiencing some of the depths of our ecosystem!

The Benefits of Discomfort

“About a year ago, psychologist and author Kelly McGonigal gave a TED Talk on ?How to Make Stress Your Friend,? which has now been viewed six million times. To paraphrase, McGonigal said this: Stress can”

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You can have both comfort and adventure with us at St Simons Island - here's an example of an ecotour

So come on – read the Adventure Journal article to learn about the adventure-discomfort thing, but visit us for adventure+comfort!

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