St Simons Manatee

The wildlife both on the Georgia coastline and in the water is absolutely wonderful at St. Simons island – here’s a St Simons Manatee!

St Simons manatee

I’m here off the pier and could use some fresh water, ya know…

Here’s a video of a guy sighting a manatee while fishing, first one he’d seen in 35 years off the island, but it

was right there in the water off the Saint Simons pier!



Cool video on the Saint Simons Pier.? For some reason they had a garden hose going off the pier and a manatee came up and was basking in the fresh water.
And you can see at 1:05 that it was BIG!

So we can’t guarantee you’ll see a St? Simons manatee,
but you’ll never know until you go!

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