St. Simons Island Sea Georgia Adventures


St. Simons Island Sea Georgia Adventuressea georgia adventures
This sounds so cool – you can take advantage of the amazing tides and marshes of coastal Georgia and go on an eco-tour, or you can discover the remarkable avian diversity on a birding trip, or go on a fishing excursion that could be fresh water, brackish or salt – it’s all there waiting for you!
An Interesting Article about st simons island: “Sea Georgia Adventures” by
Sea Georgia Adventures
My love affair with Coastal Georgia continues! ?What a joy to spend time with Captain Duane Harris and discuss the fishing charters and eco-tours he offers through ?Sea Georgia Adventures?. ?He moved to the area right after finishing college in Colorado. ? Captain Duane worked as head of the Coastal Georgia region Department of Natural [?] #stsimonsisland
So there you go – Sea Georgia Adventures, like only you can get on St. Simons Island and the Georgia Coast!
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