St Simons Island Roadside Attractions

The tiny Church shown in this article just goes to show you that Saint Simons Island is a real place, with real history – with real St Simons Island Roadside Attractions? you don’t find things like this at mega-tourist destinations.

Grits and Moxie: Another Roadside Attraction…

“Take, for instance, one of the places I stumbled across during my last trip to Saint Simons Island and Darien, GA… This was an unintentional find as I got lost on a deserted stretch of road while looking…”

St Simons Island Roadside Attractions are better

St Simons Island Roadside Attractions are better!

While we are onto ‘roadside’ stuff, here’s a guy who decides to ride around St Simons Island on his motorcycle with a video camera on – so the whole thing is “roadside”, no commentary, but you can see some nice marsh off to the side and some cyclists, which is a major form of transportation on the island!

What unusual roadside attractions have you found at Saint Simons Island?

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