St. Simons Island History King and Prince

St. Simons island, being so small, is remarkable to have so much history. ?Perhaps not so remarkable, since it was an important part of the coastline of one of the original British colonies. ?The King and Prince Resort is part of the history of St. Simons island too, and happens to be directly across from our Saint Simons rental beach house.

Travel and Adventure: History and stories abound on St. Simons Island

“Recently, my wife and I were on St. Simons Island, Ga., and Ray came over the causeway to visit. We all went out to eat at a restaurant called Iguana, and Ray regaled us with local stories. I didn’t remember his being so loquacious when we were in …”

We love being part of the St. Simons history (just from being here) and so many of our beach house visitors get a room at the King and Prince too so it is a great arrangement.
st. simons island history king and prince

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