Saint Simons Waterways

There’s a saying about the Georgia coastal islands that goes something like this: “There’s lots of trails on the Georgia coast – it’s just that most of them all all wet.”
What that means is that there are so many places you can get to, like when you are staying with us on St Simons Island, that are worth going to that you have to get in a boat to get there.? This is actually a very good thing because when you get to where you are going, Little Saint Simons Island for example, you’ll find that it is much more pristine and natural than it would be if you could get there in a car.

There are great kayak services if you don’t bring your own boat or you aren’t riding a ferry, also.

This is a great article by Mother Nature News 8 ways to explore the wild Georgia coast?

and an excerpt from the article: “Georgia’s 100-mile coastline boasts a third of the salt marshes found on the eastern seaboard and a string of undeveloped barrier islands. Here are some tips on how to explore these wild and rich landscapes.”

This is a picture of a bit of the marsh of the Crooked River, one of the many waterways on Georgia coastal waterway Crooked Riverthe Georgia coast – this one is part of Crooked River State Park, which is next to Saint Marys Georgia, which is a nice town that is also the jumping-off place for the ferry to Cumberland Island, another place well-worth going to while you are staying at St Simons that you have to get into a boat to get to!

This is a cool video showing kayakers going from the southern tip of Saint Simons Island to the Northern tip of Jekyll Island – which is a state park.
Another of the Saint Simons waterways!

So as you can see, when it comes to Saint Simons waterways, there are lots of ways and means of getting there and lots of destinations to get to that are all fun!

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