Saint Simons Murphy’s Tavern

Another example of how when you go to visit St. Simons Island that you are going to visit a real place instead of a plastic tourist area that rolls their sidewalks up is Saint Simons Murphy’s Tavern.

It has been open in the same location since the 70’s, has good classic rock music, often has live music on the weekends, and has pool and darts.

Murphys Tavern is mostly frequented by locals and is known for it’s consistent laid-back atmosphere.? Some reviewers see it as their “favorite dive bar on the planet.”

There’s a strong possibility of there being cigarette smoke in the air, though – this has been the consistent criticism. And some people say things about the patrons being mostly 40+ in age, but far as I’m concerned that is a good thing.

Saint Simons Murphy's Tavern

Saint Simons Murphy’s Tavern

Oh by the way, Saint Simons Murphy’s Tavern is not far at all from our excellent beach house – you could easily walk to it if you want to combine a bit of nice strolling with you night out.? Come see us!

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