Little Saint Simons Island Day Trip

Saint Simons Day trip LIttle Saint Simons Island

Saint Simons Day trip LIttle Saint Simons Island

Little Saint Simons Island is one of the wonderful places that are easy to make day trips from while you are staying on Saint Simons island.

A Georgia barrier island separated by Saint Simons Island by the Hampton River, Little Saint Simons Island is ten thousand acres accessible only by boat.

The entire island is privately owned – the island’s first owner was Samuel Ougspourger, a Swiss colonist from South Carolina, who purchased the island from King George II in 1760.
Today, the island remains accessible only by boat, and anyone wishing to visit the island must make arrangements through the Lodge Office.

From Wikipedia Little Saint Simons Island:

The Lodge on Little St. Simons provides all-inclusive, overnight accommodations for up to 32 guests. Naturalists offer guided fishing, kayaking, hiking, biking, birding, history and ecological tours. Day Trips may also be arranged.

The majority of the island’s acreage is composed of salt marsh. The island’s maritime forest features cabbage palm, Southern Live Oak, Red Cedar, Red Bay, Southern Magnolia and pines; often draped in Spanish Moss. Little St. Simons is host to more than 280 species of birds; some are temporary residents who include the island in their migrations, while others are permanent residents. Species of note include: Bald Eagles, Red Knots, Painted Buntings, Roseate Spoonbills, Black-necked Stilts, and Wood Storks.

Backing the island’s beaches are pristine dunes which provide nesting habitat for various shorebirds such as: Piping Plovers and American Oystercatchers. From May to September, Little St. Simons Island’s beaches are patrolled daily and signs of Loggerhead Sea Turtle nesting are documented.

Several freshwater ponds provide habitat for tree frogs, alligators; and supply drinking water for other animals including the European Fallow Deer. Fallow deer were introduced for sport in the early 20th century, and may be seen in three colors: solid white, dark chocolate, and tan with white spots.

Sport fishing in the tidal creeks and surf can be very productive for those in search of redfish, black drum, flounder and speckled trout. Off the shores otters, dolphins, and right whales swim in the inlets and open waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Day Trip tours: “Day trips depart from?St. Simons Island at 10:30 am, return by 4:30 pm.
Little St. Simons Island Day Trips Include:

Round-trip private vessel transportation

A guided Island tour and interpretive program led
by an experienced naturalist

A hearty lunch of Low Country specialties

An afternoon on our seven miles of private beach”

Little Saint Simons Island Lodge comments from reading reviews:

Staying at the Lodge (which includes various buildings and cabins) can be a great experience, it just depends on what you are trying to experience.

Yes, it is easier to explore and experience the various wildlife if you stay overnight in the Lodge, but it is what many visitors describe as an “Adult Camp” experience, which means sharing meals with guests, sometimes sharing cabins, etc.

The vast majority of people who write reviews of their experience of staying at the Lodge on Little Saint Simons Island are very positive, but you really need to do you due diligence and decide for yourself if it is worth the price ($700+ per night) for what you are getting.? It seems that the main priorities of the island’s ownership and management is conservation and catering to visiting naturalists, and not providing what you would normally think to experience for lodgings and meals in this price range.

A few of the negative reviews were because of the bugs.? Saint Simons and Little Saint Simons Islands are so beautiful that they are worth visiting even in the middle of winter, when there are no bugs, so that may solve the problem for you if that is your main problem.
Or, it could very well be that the day trips would be best for you – just read the reviews and decide. So if you decide to make a Little Saint Simons Island Day Trip those are some of the factors you have to consider – just remember that a wonderful Saint Simons beach house rental is waiting for you at the end of the day!

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