Saint Simons Island Day Trips

When you are staying on Saint Simons island you are in a great location for numerous choices for day trips.? Of course St. Simons is great all by itself, you don’t need to travel anywhere when you are there, but if you just happen to be extra restless (or adventurous) there is something here for you.

If history is your thing… you really have only to decide how far you want to travel. ?The island was (pre-Revolution) inhabited by the English as a fort to prevent the Spanish from moving further north. ?The out-post of Fort Federica is now a National Park with all sorts of activities occurring regularly as well as a small museum, movie and archaeological site. ?The Fort neighbors Christ Church which was part of the fort established by James Ogelthorpe and then John Wesley. ?It is an active Episcopal Church set back in the beautiful shade of the oaks, with a fascinating cemetery.

It is a fun day trip to bike here. ?We went early in the day, toured the fort and church and stopped by Brogen’s North for a sandwich on our way home. ?We made it back in time to swim and relax before dinner. ?It was a great day and the island has wonderful bike paths.

You can also stop and see the site of the the Battle of the Bloody Marsh (I would do this after visiting Fort Frederica for the back story).

The Lighthouse too has it’s stories and some say its ghosts. ?I have met any of them. ?Later the island was divided into five plantations. ?Here and in surrounding areas the famous Sea Island Cotton was grown, as well as, rice.

On the mainland, you can tour what was a Rice Plantation (Howfyll-Broadfield Plantation) which is just a short car ride from our Saint Simon’s Beach house.

These opportunities continue to expand obviously if you want to go as far as Savannah (a little over an hour) history abounds. ?But 25 minutes away is the small, quaint town of Darien, Ga. ?This was a Scottish settlement (1730s) and was an important port. ?The Scottish Highlanders were the same who supported the English in driving the Spanish back. It is also to take off point for Sapelo Island which is an important island in studying the history as well as the ecology of the Georgia Coast. ?Sapelo can be accessed only by ferry (check ferry schedule for times and dates).

Saint Simons Day Trips  Georgia Barrier Islands

Saint Simons Day Trips – Georgia Barrier Islands

Saint Simons Island Day Trips Off the Island:

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Jacksonville Florida

Saint Simons Island is equidistant between Savannah to the North and Jacksonville to the South – they are each about an hours drive, so they are easy to get to.? Each city of course has it’s various things that may attract you and you can decide which of the Saint Simons island day trips you most want by reading more in the links above.

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