Saint Simons Island Coast Guard

While looking for something on the?Saint Simons Island Coast Guard I came upon this video – apologies??to the nation of Georgia but this video to me is a bit amusing. ?More about the US Coastguard below.

Coast Guard of Georgia

“The Georgian Coast Guard is the maritime arm of the Georgian Border Police, within the Ministry for Internal Affairs”.
(this is the OTHER Georgia 😉

The Georgia barrier islands Coast Guard has stations at Brunswick Georgia which is just the other side of Saint Simons Island, and also one on Tybee Island which is also very close.

The Coast Guard was conceived in 1787, when America?s first secretary of the treasury, Alexander Hamilton, wrote ?a few armed vessels, judiciously stationed at entrances to our ports, might at a small expense be made useful sentinels of our laws.?

Here?s a cool crest of one of the Coast Guard cutters:
US Coast Guard ship crest
I?d love to learn more about the Georgia barrier islands Coast Guard or the Saint Simons Island Coast Guard ? maybe one of their cutters has some great artwork too
-do you happen to know?
GO US Coast Guard!!
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