Saint Simons Island Autumn

It is a well-kept secret that for many visitors to Saint Simons Island Autumn is their favorite time of year there.? The temperature is absolutely perfect, and the season is changing, with little clues like acorns falling from the trees…

An Autumn Eve

“My favorite time of year is easing its way into the Golden Isles. ?Acorns are falling onto the street and pine trees are shedding their cones. ?I can hear them dropping onto our deck with a light ?plunk? as we sit out and enjoy the cooler evenings. I?ve been encouraging my daughter, Skylar, to hone […]”

You see, a Saint Simons Island Autumn is a beach experience with lots of pluses – you have a beach, but you are also in the middle of an amazing ecosystem with hundreds of thousands of acres of salt marshes teeming with life just to the west of you, and you are in the middle of the Golden Isles with Jekyll island just to the south and more legendary isles to the north.? Now the secret is out – a St. Simons island Autumn is one worth experiencing!

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