Peaceful Sanctuary on a Georgia Island


Look at this Peaceful Sanctuary on a Georgia Island – it isn't St Simons this time, but it does show the incredible variety that the Georgia coast offers you.  St Simons island is accessible by one bridge, but there are many Georgia islands that can only be reached by boat – all of them are forms of sanctuary.

Peaceful Sanctuary

"Far from a crowded city, tucked into the weaving waterways that make up Coastal Georgia, Eagle Island is only accessible by boat.  If you’ve ever dreamed of having your own private island getaway, this is the ticket. You can bring your own boat and Capt. Andy will lead you to Eagle Island or he’ll pick […]"

So you might consider staying with us on St Simons island and making another trip to yet another peaceful sanctuary on a Georgia island – Eagle Island.

Here's yet another island:

an image of st%20simons%20island Coastline


Comedy club on St. Simons – who knew?

Hoity Toity Waffle House in St. SImons Island by Marty Simpson


"Hoity Toity Waffle House in St. SImons Island by Marty Simpson."

Whoops – well there ya go with some contrast – it's almost Thanksgiving and this funny video is talking about the Waffle House on Saint Simons – maybe some people's form of sanctuary?

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