New Kind of Flying Over St Simons Island

Savannah and Brunswick, both close to St Simons, are experiencing a new kind of flying over Saint Simons Island – building Gulfstream jets!

Savannah region poised for prominent role in coastline already home to…

“SAVANNAH, Georgia ? The Lowcountry coastline has become as popular with aircraft manufacturers as sunbathers and retirees. Stretching from Boeing’s 4-year-old…”–Aircraft-Coast

This doesn’t mean that, by far, the more traditional type of flying is mostly still going on here on St Simons!


an image of saint%20simons%20island IMG_0459.JPG


?Speaking of flying, here’s an example of what some thrill-seekers are doing – you can see some beautiful shots of St. Simons island at about 2 minutes in the video:……………………………

?So have you tried any sky diving over coastline yet?? Looks beautiful, doesn’t it!

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