Historic Tabby Buildings on St. Simons

You can find some historic tabby buildings on St. Simons and Jekyll Island – tabby lasts so long that it is still being built with today.

The Tabby Way

“Ever since I moved to Coastal Georgia I have been fascinated by the ?Tabby Houses?. ?Tabby you ask? ?If you?re not from the area and have never visited you may not know what I?m talking about. Tabby was originally introduced to North America by Spaniards who used a similar method known as Tapia for building […]”

Here is one of the historic tabby buildings on Saint Simons – the Tabby Meeting House.

Tabby Meeting House.

an image of st%20simons%20island Tabby Meeting House.

“Tabby Meeting House. Tabby Meeting House.”

General Horton, aide to General Oglethorpe, built this tabby house and also a brewery out of tabby to supply the soldiers at Fort Oglethorpe on Saint Simons – yay beer!


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So are you ready to build with tabby, or just want to come see the historic tabby buildings on St. Simons?

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