St Simons Beach vs Georgias Inland Beaches

Below is a silly article giving ‘no sharks and no jellyfish’ as some of the reasons for going to Georgia’s piles of sand on lakes instead of beaches. First of all, for some reason, there’s no fatal shark attacks in Georgia’s recorded history. ?Yes, there’s a possibility of jellyfish.


There’s no waves at the lakes

There’s no salt air

There’s no coastal wildlife

There’s no sea shells

There’s no sand dunes

And –

There’s no snakes in the water at the beach

There’s no mud on your feet when you walk out into the water

If there’s a coastal breeze blowing (and there usually is) there’s no mosquitoes bothering you at the beach.

The article mentions the new Don Carter State Park at Lake Lanier which is a good thing, but certainly is no substitute for going to the BEACH!

Georgia?s Beaches, No Where Near the Coast

“Georgia has a huge, gorgeous coastline. Sadly, that coastline is ? you know, all the way at the coast, which is far for a lot of Georgians. If it?s…”

st simons beach vs lake beach

St Simons Beach vs Georgias Inland Beaches is comparing apples to oranges – no one ever says “Let’s go to the BEACH!” and be talking about going to some sand trucked in at a lake. ?The beach is the BEACH and a lake is a LAKE and there’s no confusing the two.

Ok, this also is silly – like I said, there is not a problem with sharks at St Simons Island – probably has a LOT to do with the St Simons Tides and fact that the Continental Shelf dropoff? is really far away, so we don’t get the big guys here.

Sharks! St Simons Island

“Mary Ann and I saw these sharks on the beach. Really.”

St Simons Beach vs Georgias Inland Beaches – absolutely no contest in my opinion
– what do you think?

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