Georgia Beach Experience

The first experience of being at a beach is a magical thing, and this article describes their Georgia beach experience:

First Beach Experience

“…to get to the beautiful TybeeIsland, of Georgia. Tybee is right of the coast of Savannah. We had gotten to the beach house we rented around nine, ten-o-clock; so the sun was just setting. As soon as we…”

The article above describes Tybee island, but it is a very similar Georgia beach experience on St Simons island – come see us!

Here’s a girl having fun at St. Simons beach – goggles are recommended!


an image of st%20simons%20island Goggles_HDR

“Goggles_HDR Goggles_HDR”

Here’s a girl having a great time at St Simons island, even though it was January.
The beach experience for kids here is great no matter what – the kids are playing in a temporary tide pool created by the tide receding and leaving a long pocket of water – ?a fun place to play!
The St Simons tides are pretty incredible.
(Watch out for the wind noise on the video)

haley on stsimon island beach.MOV

“Haley at her first visit to the Beach. It is January and we are in St. Simon Island. She said this was the best day of her life.”

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