Bells of St. Simons

Here’s something you can only get by visiting Saint Simons – the?Bells of St. Simons, hearing the various church bells ringing throughout the island, different times of day. ?Another source of charm and atmosphere when you are on Saint Simons Island.bells of St. Simons

Carillon Bells of St. Simons

“On any given day you can hear bells coming from different directions on St. Simons Island, chiming each new hour. I have always loved the sound of bells coming from a church or cathedral. ?If you are on the north end of the island you may be hearing bells from Wesley United Methodist Church. At […]”

The bells of St. Simons are another example of how Saint Simons Island isn’t just another pretty beach, but a place with real history worth visiting year-round.

So there you go, ringing carillion bells and church bells of St. Simons, all over the island – ya’ll come visit.

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