Atlanta is Great but has no Beach

Atlanta is great but has no beach!? Atlanta would “have it all” if metro Atlanta had a beach too, but what Atlantans do have is what’s known as the “Golden Isles” which are the barrier islands down on Georgia’s coastline.

atlanta is great but has no beach

This is a four and a half hour drive away, or a 1.5 hour flight, but the main thing is, this if far from just a sandy beach – more than half the barrier islands are part of the “Carolinian-South Atlantic Biosphere Reserve” – absolutely pristine.

Plus Georgia has over 400,000 acres of coastal marshland absolutely teeming with life, including a birders paradise with over 300 species of birds to discover, even bald eagles.

The area feels magical with massive live oaks draped with Spanish moss, and the fact that Georgia is one of the original 13 colonies means that there’s lots of architecture, ruins, and history to explore.

Top all that off with the beautiful sandy beaches (visited by sea turtles for egg-laying!) and you have not just a beach vacation, but a place worth visiting over and over again – close enough to drive to for a weekend or anytime you can get away. So Atlanta is great but has no beach – has a solution.

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