Alligator Education Jekyll Island

Not that alligators need to get educated, or that you really have to worry about alligators on St. Simons Island – this program is on neighboring Jekyll Island –

07/25/2014 – Alligator Educationalligator

“”Join one of our experienced researchers to learn about the biology and behavior of the American alligator on Jekyll Island. Participants will meet their guide in the GSTC parking lot and should expect to spend about 45 minutes learning about these amazing reptiles. This program is offered at 10:00 A.M. every Wednesday and Friday from April 2nd until October 1st.”

Doesn’t this sound like fun? ?Come and get your Alligator Education – right here on the Georgia Coast!

Here’s a video of a 9 year old girls that wrestles alligators – she says she thinks most kids her age would like it, if she could teach them – I don’t recommend it, but that’s what she says!

Girl Vs Alligator

Alligator Education? I think this goes too far!

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